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Vespa Adventures Siem Reap

Akim is the founder and main owner of Vespa Adventures Siem Reap. She was born in Siem Reap province during the time Pol Pot was in power and life was tough and schools were not available. Throughout history of Cambodia the Angkor complex in Siem Reap has been the most important sanctuary for the Khmers and Akim’s grandfather, Loung Sake, was the Head Monk (Grand Abbot) of the entire complex, as was his father and his father before him. During the times of extreme hardship after the Pol Pot regime, Grandfather took it upon him to raise Akim at the monastery of Angkor Wat.

It is not the custom for a girl to be raised by monks, so it was decided to shave her head and pretend that she was a boy. Through this very unusual approach she enjoyed the privilege to live in the Wat Angkor Kang Chuong (Angkor Wat Pagoda). Under the guidance of her Grandfather and other monks at Angkor, Akim learned to read and speak the sacred Pali language and recite the bamboo scroll scriptures, hold elaborate prayers and follow sacred rites. After around 5 years, gradually schools became available, but far away in town and therefore Akim had to cycle the many miles every day to get as much education as they could afford at the time.

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