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Kimleng Sang Photography Tours

My Photography Tour will provide you with an uncrowded, intimate experience. I was born in Takéo Province, along the border with Vietnam. Takéo is sometimes referred to as ‘the cradle of the Khmer civilization. In 2000 I moved to Siem Reap where I began work as a tuk-tuk driver. Over time I met many professional photographers from around the world, people who were seeking something more unique and authentic than the well-worn tourist trails. I developed a series of tours that catered to their particular interests. My curiosity grew as I watched the activities and work of these photographers and I began to practice photography myself. Since 2005 I have had a number of Western tutors and have gone on to establish myself as a well-known professional photographer in Cambodia.I would very much like to share my expertise of both photography and the Temples with you. Whether you are a complete beginner shooting in auto or a seasoned photographer I can assist you. I can show you the best locations, away from the crowds and give you tips on how to capture the magnificent images of my beautiful country. I will be your personal tutor if you need help with settings, compositions & lighting and I will guarantee that anyone who comes to me shooting in auto will leave using manual or semi manual modes. I want you to go home not with tourist photos but beautiful images and happy memories of Cambodia.

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